Teeth whitening is often the best and most conservative way to lift your smile. This non-invasive gentle procedure is suitable for most people. Teeth whitening can be used as a procedure by itself to lift the colour of your teeth, or it can be used as a good starting point for most other cosmetic dentistry, including orthodontic braces, porcelain veneers and any smile makeover.

Options range from take home kits, which, include custom made laboratory whitening trays that fit precisely over your teeth, to in surgery procedures for those who want a bright smile quickly.

Examples of the whitening procedures that we offer to our patients are below.

Day White & Nite White

Day White and Nite White involve constructing custom made trays from impressions taken of your teeth and providing you with safe whitening gels to take home.

The gels can be used on a daily basis over night or during the day to whiten the teeth. This is a very effective form of teeth whitening and usually results in minimal sensitivity. We would review the outcome of your whitening after 2 weeks.

Often patients wish to whiten their teeth after straightening to finish their new smile.

Enlighten Technology

This procedure is an extremely effective form of teeth whitening.

Again, it involves wearing custom made whitening trays, patented by Enlighten technology. The custom trays are used with Enighten whitening gels for a period of 2 weeks followed by an in surgery procedure to boost your final shade.

We have found that this form of whitening can give the best shade change in a 2 week period with minimal sensitivity compared to other whitening procedures.

Results are very stable and shade changes of up to 16 shades can be acheived!



This procedure is a fast acting form of teeth whitening.

The procedure is performed in surgery, by a dental professional, over a single long appointment.

In approximately 90 minutes, we isolate your gums and lips and a gel is applied to your teeth to instantly lift the colour. This procedure is suitable for people with non senstive teeth who want a quick lift in the shortest time possible.

Patients often request this form of whitening prior to a wedding or important event to lift their smile. We advise a take home kit to boost or maintain whitening results after this procedure.

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